Wednesday 28 March 2012

newbie blogger!!

Hi all, well I have taken the plunge and have made myself a blog for my cardmaking bits and bobs but if I'm honest I have really no idea what I'm doing!!
Having looked at a few crafty blogs over the last few weeks I decided that I would like to try for myself but am now so overwhelmed and my head is full of information that it feels like it will explode!
I will sit down over the weekend and try to have a go at adding some pictures of my cards and I would also like to customise my blog page-so far its been about four different ways and I have a feeling it may take a while to get it how I want it!!
Please feel free to offer up any advice that may help a newbie as any help would be much appreciated!!
Well I guess that's it for my first blog-off to get an early night as long day tomorrow-off to see Matt Cardle in London!!
Bye for now!!

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