Friday 13 April 2012

End of Holidays!

Well I can't believe its the end of the two week Easter holidays-I had promised myself that I would spend lots of time in my craft shed but the weeks have just flown and I haven't spent anywhere near the time out there that I would have liked.
I did manage to make a birthday card for my brother-inspired a little bit by my love of all things Hawaiian and while I was in the Aloha mood I made a Hawaii themed girlie card which I might send to my sister in law - they have both been to Hawaii so hopefully they will appreciate them.
Well it's back to work on Monday so my craft time will now be in short supply till the half term!!

I hope to spend some time on my blog but will need to sit with my son as some of the things  I want to do are a bit beyond me-never to old to learn though!!

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