Sunday 21 April 2013

Blog break

Hello all
I hope you are all having a really lovely weekend and that this post finds you all well-so so good to see some lovely sunshine at long last!
I have returned from my holiday now, such a wonderful time and so much fun-just why though does it always go so quickly??
Well I have some news-not quite the news I was intending to share after my holiday though!
Before I went away I was asked to join a lovely challenge blog on their DT and was so so excited. However while on holiday I was forced to do some thinking and came to the decision that my life just lately had been feeling like it was running away with me and that I wasn't doing a very good job of keeping up with it. I thought long and hard and came to the really difficult decision that I needed to cut back on some things for a while. So with this in mind I have decided that for the time being I need to take a little break from my blogging and have also stopped making my 'order' cards too.
I am very sad to be doing this but feel that my sanity will suffer if I don't do something soon.
I am hoping that it will only be temporary and I will still pop on every now and then and take a peek at all your gorgeous cards as I can't tear myself away completely!!
I have an account on the Docrafts website and hope to post any new cards that I am able to make on there-I just need to keep things a little less committed for now.
A huge Thank You to each and every one of you for all the support since I started my blog-all your help, advice, comments and friendship have meant a huge amount to me and I hope that I am able to come back at some point in the future as I really have had so much fun.
Take care
With much love
Andree xx


  1. I fully understand Andree. Sometimes it seems that many hours are spent at the computer, which in the winter I don't mind when its cold and too wet to do anything. I keep my card orders to a manageable size which is why I do not do any networking anymore. it takes up too much time and for what to be honest? As long as I am available to make for many of my internet friends and regular customers I am quite happy. Summer is coming (hopefully) and like you there are other demands and I don't want to spend all my time logging on and off and checking this and that. I wish you all the best and hopefully see your makes over on the other channel (docrafts)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Andree, will really miss your blogging but needs must and hopefully we will see you back again soon
    jacqui x

  3. Glad you had a good holiday Andree, I totally get where you are coming from I was exactly there a few months back and had to step right back for a few weeks. Just step in and out when the fancy takes you!! hugs, Karenxxx

  4. I am pleased you had a good holiday Andree. I too can totally understand how you are feeling, crafting should be fun and not stressful after all.
    Take care
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Hi Andrée,
    I'm pleased to hear that you had a wonderful holiday. Crafting can easily take over your life. When it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure then you are right to prioritise. I hope to see you around again before too long x

  6. We all need to take a break at times and I hope this will be a short one for you Andree. I know how it feels to feel pressured to make cards, especially the ones to order, and I do less of those now. But glad to read that you are continuing with your card making. Hope to see you back soon
    Eileen x


Thank you so much for the lovely comments, it means such a lot and they are very much appreciated Andree x