Wednesday 13 June 2012

Jodie on Bike

Evening all, well I've found myself with a couple of hours to myself so thought I'd have a play with one of my new Pink Gem Designs digi stamps.
It's my neices birthday soon (she's 3!) and I thought that Jodie on Bike would be perfect for her-her mum said her favourite colours are pink and purple so I set about making this card. Well, over an hour later the card is done but somehow I'm not sure about it-there's just something not right and I can't put my finger on what it is at all. I have decided to walk away as maybe if I go back to it with fresh eyes I will find out how to put it right.
(Any ideas or suggestions welcome!!)
Have made myself a cup of coffee and put Frasier on TV (I love Frasier!!) so that's me done for the day.
Have a good evening, until next time.

Andree x


  1. You has a great blog. I'm very interesting to stopping here and leaves you a comment. Good work.

    Lets keep writing and blogging

    Nb: Dont forget to leave your comment back for us.

  2. Hi Andree
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It really is fun starting up a blog of your own and I think that you are doing a fabulous job. This is such a cute card and your colours and layout look great. See you again soon :)


Thank you so much for the lovely comments, it means such a lot and they are very much appreciated Andree x