Wednesday 9 January 2013


Evening all
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the start of the new year.
I was determined to have a little break from my crafting over the holidays as there was so much going on and I was beginning to feel a little overloaded. The last time I felt like that I ended up avoiding my craft shed for over a year and I didn't want that to happen again.
I am raring to go now and have made a new card and begun a new project which my lovely cat has walked over with muddy paws tonight so that will need a little TLC before I can post it grrrrrrr!!
I just tried to upload the photo of my new card and when the little window opened up there was no upload button at all so I have no way of adding it to this post-really frustrating and I don't know what to do now-has anyone had any experience of this happening? I would value any help as I am at a total loss-I've tried closing blogger and even completely shutting down my computer but nothing works!!!!!
Hopefully I can sort this problem and if so I'll pop back on to post the photo of my card.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Andree x


  1. Happy New Year Andrée, I hope you had a lovely Christmas time.
    I have heard a few people complaining over the past week about being unable to post photos on Blogger. It does seem to right itself after a couple of days. Have you tried "copy and paste", maybe that would work? I know I do it with text, never tried it with photos though.
    I hope it gets sorted soon for you x

  2. Andree blogger has had a few issues the past couple of weeks. My design teams have not had the easiest time posting photos on their blogs. I'm hoping it all sorts out soon. We've been having this issue, off and on, for the past 2 - 3 weeks. Good luck.

    BTW your cards are fantastic, your photos are clean, clear and crisp ... just beautiful! ♥ Denise

  3. Hi Andree! I'm a blogger friend of Denise and co-hostess of our soon to be open Cards in Envy challenge and I'm on the Digi Haven Design Team....anyway, I've read that some have had luck in clicking on HTML tab when doing a post and uploading their pic from the HTML option and then clicking back to Compose Tab to type the post. You might try that. Also some click on upload from Picasa album and get the photo there? Good luck!

  4. I've also heard that it's a blogger-internet explorer thing. Can you use Firefox or something and see if that helps? Good luck!


Thank you so much for the lovely comments, it means such a lot and they are very much appreciated Andree x